Leo Casey Gets E-Whacked! By A Mouse!

Fun as this would be, it sounds just too good to be true…especially because the Stossel thing turned out to be a boon for ABC! But who knows…more than a technical glitch? Could the mouse be that vindictive?

Update: Uh oh. Does it matter if a story is true or not so long as it catches mice? Mike A. says technical errors are the culprit here rather than retribution and has some evidence. Looks like the mouse is off the hook. Update II: I didn’t realize that AFTie Ed had gone into full moralizing mode over this…he saw it as a teachable moment and a lesson, and now I suspect others will, too, just not the way he’d hoped…

2 Replies to “Leo Casey Gets E-Whacked! By A Mouse!”

  1. Leo Casey is very good at feeling sorry for himself. Perhaps this is his karma for libeling me (who he ostensibly represents) on Edwize, crediting me with the words of the LA Times editorial board.

    Leo Casey’s done far more than Stossel has to worsen the lot of working teachers. While Stossel talks a lot of nonsense, Leo and his ilk have actually moved us 40 years backwards.

    Stossel should personally replace Leo’s name, grant him another award, and send him a thank you card. No one has given him more practical help than Leo Casey and his ilk.

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