Whitmire Wants To See Green, Edutopia Goes Green

Richard Whitmire, who has descended into blogdom, (maybe I’m wrong and perhaps it really is over for big media?) has a piece on pre-K education in Politico this morning. Well-worth reading, and Richard is right that this is a key issue on the equity front. But is the piece fair to the Democratic presidential candidates? Clinton, Dodd, and Edwards have all put forward pre-K plans. One can argue about costs and quality but the ideas are getting out there.

At Edutopia they’ve put together a big package of resources about environmental awareness and education. Update: Here’s some additional green on charters.

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  1. The edutopia website does a nice job of pulling together resources for green minded teachers. It seems like many teachers are left to find their own resources to either make or supplement their curriculum instead of being provided with the resources by their district.

    Since before the recent anniversary of Sputnik there have been calls for a 21st century “sputnik-like” event to propel STEM education into the popular conscience again. While none of us are advocating for another space race, the environmental movement has done a good job of being the next “sputnik-like” public event. Environmentalism has suffered from the politicization of climate change and other environmental catastrophies. While the politicization is unlikely to change (and may be amplified with Al Gore’s Nobel)there is a larger goal that may be accomplished. STEM education must be made relevant to the general public whether it is through a focus on the environment, human rights, or saving the world in a miriad of ways. I encourage policy makers to think of STEM not as just the separate silos but as a study of the world that surrounds our students.

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