Where Are They Now? World Series Edition

A lot of people wonder where Tom Vander Ark, the former education front man for the Gates Foundation, is these days. But baseball fans know that when he’s not doing X-Prize work, he’s playing first base for the Colorado Rockies.

*And yes, I’ve been wanting to do this post for some time but needed the peg. But, after last night, figured I had no time to wait…

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  1. …where he’s breaking large at-bats into small “at-bats with an at-bat.” Tip your waitress.

  2. Your incorrect. The Tom Vander Ark your referring to to is a different one from the Gates Foundation. Read the following.

    Paul Preston
    Inside Education
    Educational News Talk Radio.

    “Vander Ark came to the X PRIZE Foundation after having served as Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he developed and implemented more than $3.5 billion in scholarship and grant programs to improve education throughout the United States. A prolific writer and speaker, Vander Ark has published more than 100 articles and given thousands of presentations on the subject of education. In December 2006, Newsweek readers voted Vander Ark the most influential baby boomer in education.

    Prior to his role with the Gates Foundation, Vander Ark served as superintendent of one of Washington State’s larger school districts which has been recognized for narrowing achievement gaps and reducing administrative costs. Vander Ark also has extensive experience in the private sector serving as a senior executive for a start-up retail chain that achieved $5 billion in revenue, as well as management and consulting experience in energy, telecommunications and business formation.

    Beginning his career in energy, Vander Ark has an MBA in Energy Finance from the University of Denver and a BS in Mineral Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines”.

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