Randi Weingarten, Businesswoman! But Where Is Phoebe Boyer?

Crain’s lays out the top 100 women in New York business, UFT head Randi Weingarten makes the cut and, even more impressive, the top 25! But Randi’s a businesswoman now? That hardly fits with the image of powerless teachers etc…? Uh oh. Let’s watch Leo Casey spin his way out of that one!

Seriously, it’s an honor and a deserved one, she is a force in New York City and nationally. They’re roasting her to celebrate this and other accomplishments in December. Congrats!

But, if we’re taking a broad view of what constitutes business for this list, then Eduwonk is left wondering why isn’t the outstanding Phoebe Boyer on it? If you follow leading edge philanthropy around education in the city and nationally then you won’t wonder why I’m wondering…And no, I don’t get a dime from her…

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