More On Charters

To underscore why this debate over charters matters, this story about Mastery in Philadelphia is a good reminder that while some good new schools are household names, for instance KIPP or Green Dot, there is a quiet revolution happening via a lot of other good schools. Joe Williams points out that these schools must be stopped…

Update: More of the same here.

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  1. Here in Boston, MATCH and Roxbury Prep (and further more, in Lawrence, Community Day), continue to make impressive showings on MCAS. However, it should be noted that other schools are making impressive showings as well. These schools include Excel Academy, Boston Prep, Academy of the Pacific Rim, Boston Collegiate (my former school) and Edward Brooke (my current school). It’s frustrating to watch Whitney Tilson and others continue to praise the same schools over and over. On the other hand, I don’t see many people out there shining clarifying lights on the Uphams Corner Charter Schools of the world that make charters seem like a bad idea…

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