Hustle And Flow…

Yesterday’s NYT article on low-performing schools and NCLB is well worth reading. Once you get through the near ritualistic hysterics, you know ‘all our schools will fail!’ and the decontextualized numbers there is some interesting stuff in the story.

“In Florida, 441 schools could be candidates for closing. In Maryland, some 49 schools in Baltimore alone have fallen short of achievement targets for five years or more. In New York State, 77 schools were candidates for restructuring as of last year.”

Ummm…There are thousands of schools in Florida and New York, isn’t it possible that some percentage of them aren’t very good? And in Baltimore it’s not only possible, it’s well-documented!

Still, check it out, just skip the first few grafs. It gets good.

Update: Barone is all over this, too.

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