Toss Out The Maps!

CAP punches back on the No Child performance pay dispute. We are really in uncharted water here in terms of the politics. Prominent Democrats including George Miller are completely at odds with the National Education Association on this and other No Child issues and positions are getting hard…behind the scenes this is not just another policy dispute…stay tuned. One thought here though, while I’m all for some innovation on teacher compensation, it’s not such a powerful lever that it’s a substitute for getting the accountability provisions of the law right…it’ll be unfortunate if attention to this distracts from that…

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  1. This issue of teacher pay will not go away. I’m the CFO at The Classical Academy, a large charter school in Colorado ( We’ve implemented a differentiated pay system that includes a pay for performance component. There are no perfect pay systems, but teaching is especially difficult because of the union influence. It’s unlike any other group of professionals. I’ve got a few notes on our system at

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