Odds And Ends…Now With Bonus Criteria Quibbling!

Off Message: New York wins the $1 million Broad Prize for education*, UFT head Randi Weingarten says, “It’s a great day for New York” and joins city officials to accept the award but over at Edwize they’re all grumbling and sourpuss. *I’m on the review board. Update: Now they protest that they’re quite down with all this. We “quibbled with the evaluation criteria but not with the award” says an update to the first post. Huh? Here’s what they said, “At the least, we should not mistake this as clear evidence of a serious, long-term turnaround in education in this city.” That, in a post entitled “Magic with numbers” that also rips Chancellor Klein? If that’s on board with this then what would they say if they were critical? Memo to Randi Weingarten: Don’t leave the kids with the keys when you’re out of town accepting awards! Update II: Gotham Gazette smells grumbling, too.

Five Lessons: Jay Mathews draws five lessons from this paper Sara Mead and I did.

Job Change: USAT’s Greg Toppo is off the education beat and now on the diet and nutrition beat.

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