New Edublog, And The Kids Are Alright So Let ‘Em Blog!

Over at Ed Week Dean Millot has set up shop to blog about the K-12 education industry. He knows the issues so it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

But why doesn’t Ed Week find some student bloggers? Some state boards of education have student members, many local boards do, so why not have some student voice in the Ed Week blogosphere? And no, Ed Week journo Rarely Reliable Russo’s child-like behavior doesn’t count.

I was giving a talk in New York City recently and the panel before I was to speak included several students. They were interesting and sometimes hilarious, especially one young woman who while discussing the problems of internet filters in her school made a joke that I can’t even repeat on this blog (it involved overly restrictive internet filters and research about an animal that builds dams in streams). She discomfited almost every adult in the room, and that’s good! I spend a lot of time here in Virginia talking to students and their views about major educational issues, testing, race, teachers, etc…defy easy categorization. Students are real, honest, and interesting, and some can write very well. Ed Week could give a few of them a blog to get that point of view out there.

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