Four New Papers And One Data Point

A new paper from Education Evolving (pdf) looks at innovation in education, why it’s necessary and some strategies to get there that don’t gore everyone’s ox at once. Don’t miss two new Dan Goldhaber (with collaborators) papers. This one here (pdf) looks at teacher attitudes on compensation reform and this one (pdf) looks at teacher pay relative to other fields and especially for those with technical skills. Big implications around the differential pay debate. And here is an interesting and important paper (pdf) from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and Civic Enterprises about high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds. And, this is pretty intuitive, but an interesting data point on absenteeism and high school graduation rates from MDRC. Update: Should have noted that the data point is from the report What Matters for Staying On-Track and Graduating in Chicago Public High Schools: A Close Look at Course Grades, Failures, and Attendance in the Freshman Year, by Elaine M. Allensworth and John Q. Easton of the Consortium on Chicago School Research at the University of Chicago.

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