Programming Note: Eduwonk Going, Big Apples Cerf & Weingarten Coming

I have to head out to some meetings for about a week starting tomorrow and later in the month will be taking some time off, but two interesting guestbloggers are lined up for you. Starting tomorrow and through next week Chris Cerf, who is the Deputy Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education will be here. Prior to working in New York Chris was a big wheel at Edison Schools and in the Clinton White House.

I’ll then be back for a few days before Randi Weingarten, President of the United Federation of Teachers in New York will step-in for a week starting on the 20th. Randi, who many consider a likely candidate to one day head the national American Federation of Teachers, has extensive experience in New York City, including a lot on the policy side, and is a national force in education.

Considering the geographical orientation of these two I can’t imagine you won’t hear some about New York. But, these are also two important players nationally and the issues are representative so you’ll hear more than just inside baseball from Gotham. In fact, though they’re not on the same side of every educational issue, they are on the same side of the partisan aisle illustrating one interesting tension playing out today.

As usual, posts by guestbloggers will be identified as such at the end and I’ll be back after Randi and regular disorder will resume.

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