Back, Thanks, Reading

Thank you Sara Mead for prolific and interesting guest-blogging! In addition to all of Sara’s posts, I’m also reading the Ideas Primary site, especially the education pieces by North Carolina Governor Easley and Bruce Reed and Paul Weinstein of the DLC. They’re about, respectively, high school reform and higher education reform. On the Reed-Weinstein stuff, Governor Warner of Virginia championed dual-enrollment and in addition to the benefits for students it was a big hit with parents because each time he told a crowd he could save them the first semester or year of college tuition, heads whipped around.

Over at the Indy Star the editorial page is busting the school districts and the state, again, on graduation rates. All this data means a new level of transparency and that has not yet been internalized. For a lot more on graduation rates, big new Ed Trust report out today (pdf) about that very issue. Must-reading.

Update: Also, from Sam Freedman, a good reminder that grad rates aren’t the only measure….thx to reader ER. Update II: See Joe Williams on the Freedman story, too.

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