While I Was Away

Big thanks to Michael Goldstein for keeping things warm while I was gone.

Plenty to catch up on but let’s start with CCCR’s Diane Piche in the Title I Monitor* on disequities in teacher quality by race and income:

“It’s time folks recognize that [equitable distribution of teachers] isn’t a quiet, polite technical assistance and implementation issue, but a hard-edged political problem.”

The entire story is well worth reading as it rounds-up the state of play on the issue and on again/off again enforcement. And, on the enforcement issue, the current Title I Monitor also looks at the enforcement issue around assessments. When No Child is reauthorized, look for more funding for assessments for students with special needs and English-language learners to help the states get it together on those issues. Bipartisan support for that on the Hill. *I’m on the editorial advisory board, ES board member Mike Smith is, too.

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