Too Late!

Thanks for nothing! Per all the back and forth about the NEA Convention and who did well, who bombed, etc…Mike Antonucci finally reveals the secret of success. Remember this for 2012:

If you talk about education for more than five minutes, you are bound to hit upon a proposal the teachers’ unions won’t like. A savvy candidate would have entered the hall with “First I Look at the Purse” (the J. Geils Band version) blaring over the loudspeakers, pushing a wheelbarrow full of cash. He or she then would have given the old Richard Nixon two-armed wave and walked off the stage without uttering a word. The delegates would have gone nuts.

Ed Week’s Bulldog Bess Keller also sits down with Antonucci to discuss a decade of covering the convention. Includes audio, too. Interesting reading, you wouldn’t know he’s such a cut and run type!

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