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Via the Politico: Edwards to propose $100 million for busing.

Edwards wants to set aside $100 million to help school districts implement economic integration programs. The money will help finance buses and other resources for schools that enroll additional low-income children.

Edwards also envisions magnet schools dedicated to economic integration. The idea is that these schools would attract middle-class and suburban students to low-income areas.

Another prong of the program would create one million housing vouchers over five years to help low-income families move to better neighborhoods.

Isn’t this turning somersaults to create choice without, you know, charters or vouchers? Except for housing vouchers. Evidently the public housing employee unions don’t have much juice.

If an education policy idea was a haircut, it’d be this one, tres 70s. Or maybe this one, the updated Faux Hawk, since income is the proxy, not race.

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