Pricing by Degrees

Kevin asks whether colleges should charge more for students majoring in costlier-to-teach or potentially more lucrative subjects. Regardless of what you think about this, greater transparency about how much colleges actually spend on, say, an English major vs. an engineer, seems like a good idea.

–Guestblogger Sara Mead

One Reply to “Pricing by Degrees”

  1. Well, it seems like a good idea if you do not trust in the college spending policies. But why do we as college students need to know? As long as we know THAT tuition fees are spent towards increasing study quality and facilities, we should not have a problem with it. For example, financial management majors that one day might work in the investment business are surely those that make high wages but why should their study then become costlier if there needs to be spent not too much in facilities? Of course, good professors are costly, but certainly similar in all subject areas. I think tuition fees should realistically reflect necessary expenditures for schools to ensure a high quality of study for the students.

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