More DC Vouchers

Sunday’s WaPo had a three-way debate about D.C. vouchers featuring former Mayor Tony Williams, charter school founder James Forman, and D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. At one level just superficial back and forth about the recent first year evaluation but some interesting nuggets that are illustrative of the debate today. Forman busts voucher proponents for moving the goal posts on achievement issue. He’s right. Parental satisfaction is fine, but the deal here was improved student learning and systemic improvement, and while it’s much too soon for definitive judgments now, that should be the ultimate standard. Norton’s piece reaffirms research by Bryan Hassel and Lance Fusarelli about how the presence of vouchers does warm people up to charter schools, she’s a big fan now! But someone should tell her that the Supreme Court decided the basic church – state issue a few years ago…send new talking points ASAP!

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