I. Work. Soooooooooooooo. Hard.

End of Year Review: “Unsatisfactory: This teacher’s students made minimal growth in her classroom this year.”

She’s pissed. And not about the kids’ lack of reading growth. She writes Susan Ohanian:

I asked my principal if she believed that statement that appeared on my evaluation.
She said “Yes, I do, based on your DIBELS scores!” Her statement hurt me because I know the amount of work I did this year with my precious students.

My first reaction is: Puhlease. Golf yesterday with a few venture capital friends; one’s plan for today was early cross-country flight, fire one of his CEOs, and then fly home. I wonder how he’d respond to the CEO saying “Well, sure, profits have tumbled, but that’s just one measure. I *know* deep down that the company is improving.”

But then I read this:

On the last day of school this year 18 teachers were given copies of our yearly evaluation and received “U”s.

What’s up with giving out evaluations on the last day of school? Sounds very drive-by. I wonder how it went down; was it “You failed your kids, have a nice summer”? Makes me a lot more sympathetic to the teachers.

-Guestblogger Mike Goldstein

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