For NCLB Tea Leaves, I Need "Reading First"

My hometown paper has a front-page feature on NCLB re-authorization. Ted K says:

“We still have to have the concept of accountability….What we need to do is get away from labeling, get away from the punitive aspects, and give help and assistance to the neediest schools. We’re now on a pathway to make some sense on this.”

Um, what? Maybe I just lack the energy on a July Monday morning, but I’m having trouble translating my senior senator.

The supposed right to transfer out of a failing school, is that punitive? Letting parents know that a school is failing despite its claims to the contrary, is that punitive?

Or is it just the Liberal Lion throwing a rhetorical anti-NCLB pump fake to the NEA, before he steers through a good law with some changes (Value-Added, more $, and lightened licensure), but keeps legit accountability and bolsters parent transfer and tutoring rights?

Then again, I’m not the first one unclear on what a Kennedy really means.

-Guestblogger MG

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