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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave a big education speech to the Urban League today. Check it out. Meanwhile, The Dem presidentials discussed education the other night in the You Tube debate. Would it kill CNN’s Anderson Cooper to learn a bit about the issue so he could ask follow-up questions? For instance when Bill Richardson tears into No Child Left Behind and says he’d scrap it, a good question might have been why, then, if it’s so bad, did the National Council of La Raza just send a letter to Capitol Hill with other organizations urging Congress not to weaken it? Or when Chris Dodd, who to his credit said let’s not throw it all out, made that point and said accountability is OK, it might have been worth asking why he not too long ago introduced a bill that would have basically thrown much of the accountability out? It fell to Mike Gravel of all people to say that maybe some choice and competition might help! And the Rs are pretty helpless because they don’t want to offend the conservative base, they hate No Child and most federal projects, so don’t count on them. Joe Williams and Roy Romer, call your offices!

Update: I forgot to mention that Senator Clinton threw in a good word for the National Public Service Academy, that was a pretty cool part for everyone involved with that project, which includes me. And especially for Chris Myers Asch and Shawn Raymond.

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