(No) More Meaning!

Now this article, exploring the tension between the NCLB equity agenda and the competitiveness agenda, which actually mentions the teachers’ unions just once in the context of the NEA’s opposition to No Child Left Behind, and doesn’t address teacher collective bargaining at all is an anti-union tract or one attacking collective bargaining. Backstory on how that got started, albeit via a different mischaracterization, is here.

Relaying and commenting on this, Dr. Homeslice writes that:

Why am I so interested in this exchange? It’s the beauty of the Internet, everyone has an opinion, everyone has the opportunity to read them or learn them and no one is marginalized because of the political leanings of local media.

Sure, but if everyone is saying (or in Dr. Homeslice’s case mindlessly repeating) things that are just wrong*, is it really that valuable? I’ll take my chances with the media. I actually think this is exactly the reason that big media will survive the blog-era just fine and is panicking too early. At least this guy just says that he hasn’t read the piece…

Incidentally, the full version of the article was the cover story in January’s PDK**, if you want to read it.

*Not differences of opinion but simply inaccurate characterizations (or in one lame, pseudo post-modern BS, attempt to spin out of this, “make meaning” from it as though this is a political theory seminar and we’re debating Montaigne).

**Yes, that hateful right-wing rag…

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