Insane Clown Posse Returns!

Last we heard from the Save Our Schools folks in Washington, D.C. they were busily trying to screw-over the SEED school, for really no good reason. Now, via the WaPo, they’ve set their sights on Michelle Rhee, Mayor Fenty’s pick to be the new chancellor:

Lee Glazer, co-founder of the Save Our Schools coalition, was more startled by the choice [of Rhee] than the timing of the decision. “I’m surprised at the individual because she’s a nobody with no experience in education,” Glazer said.

Oh please. Where are the WaPo editors? It’s a legitimate issue that Rhee hasn’t run a school district (though she’s done high-impact work with a bunch of them), though hardly disqualifying and others in similar situations have done fine, but she has led one of the most impressive non-profits in education.

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