Today is Sara Mead’s last day at Education Sector. Sara, one of the most talented education policy players in the country, is heading off to take over pre-K work at the New America Foundation in a couple of weeks (and she’ll work on some other projects there as well). Sara and I have worked together for seven years in various official and unofficial capacities and she’s one of my favorite people, professionally and personally. She’s just exceptional all around.

Sara was integral to the success and impact of the Progressive Policy Institute’s education work and was instrumental in helping to launch Education Sector. She’s published all sorts of written work on education policy and has also advised elected officials and campaigns and is someone I’ve been able to unhesitatingly count on to deliver, regardless of the challenge. I’m excited for her and proud of her as she takes on this new opportunity, but I’ll miss having her as a daily part of my work and want to acknowledge how important she’s been to my various endeavors since 2000. She’ll be back here for some guest blogging later this summer and you’ll certainly be hearing from her in her new role.

Thanks Sara for seven outstanding years. Good luck. God bless.

Update: See also Sara’s sign-off from TQAE blog here, complete with a little bonus gossip you might not have known…

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