Carlo Rodriguez

The note from Greg Richmond, below, describes Carlo Rodriguez and his work. I’d only add that he was a tremendously nice and good person and wonderful to spend time with. He will be missed.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Carlo Rodriguez, a passionate advocate for improved education for children in Florida and throughout the nation, passed away unexpectedly this weekend. Carlo was the head of the charter school office of the Miami-Dade public schools and a member of the Board of Directors of NACSA until last year. Late last year, he assumed the leadership of the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice, expanding his work beyond charter schools to also include scholarship programs, virtual schools, supplemental educational services and a range of additional choice options.

Carlo brought valuable insights to NACSA during his time on our board and continued to support NACSA’s work in Florida from his position with the Department. His contributions went far beyond thoughtful and passionate advocacy. He fought the tough, day-to-day struggle inside large, difficult school systems, working tirelessly to expand quality school choice options for children.

During his years on NACSA’s Board and because of NACSA’s current work in Florida, NACSA’s staff and I worked closely and talked frequently with Carlo. Carlo, it seemed, was always upbeat, but never naïve; always fighting, but never combative. Carlo loved life, lived it fully and shared that love with others. His contributions to charter schools and to NACSA are greatly appreciated. He will be sorely missed.

Greg Richmond, President, National Association of Charter School Authorizers

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