Goldstein Gone Query

Michael Goldstein writes to ask:

A donor to our charter school wants to also help a struggling, traditional, large urban high school. It already has an “improvement” plan where it gets broken into smaller schools, shrinks overall, has more autonomy, etc.

Donor asked me: What do you recommend (with, say, $500,000 over 3 years)? Do I assume that it will remain mostly chaotic despite good intentions, and try an “end-run” type gift to somehow give direct help to the most save-able kids — tutors, college counseling, travel opportunities, etc? Or perhaps somehow invest in the best teachers? Or work on teacher quality by paying for a full-time teacher recruiter or teacher coach? Do I just put my money into their existing plan?


Can anyone point me to a good case study — a similar situation where a gift like that didn’t get swallowed up into the EduBeast?

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