Ron Haskins writes an interesting op-ed in The Washington Post about welfare and work. But don’t miss the last graf:

It is better for them, for their children and for society if these adults continue to work and have their poverty-level earnings supplemented by the EITC and other programs. Indeed, it would be better for everyone if Congress ended earmarks, agriculture subsidies and ineffective programs such as Title I of the No Child Left Behind Act and used the money saved to increase support for low-income working families by expanding the EITC (especially for poor men who work full time), as well as child care and health-care coverage. Without increasing the deficit, Congress could augment the progress being made by low-income families, help them increase their standards of living and income mobility, and further strengthen the politics of personal responsibility. This should be an agenda on which Republicans and Democrats can unite. [emph. added]

Enough talk about how an emphasis on performance, outcomes, and accountability is futile and unfair and this is what smart people start thinking…Thanks NEA!

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