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New LA Blog, WitnessLA, focusing on social justice issues. They’re all over the Green Dot situation and have plenty on education.

And, there is some flip-flopping going on out there:

But after being heavily criticized for his vote, and surely thinking about how it would play on election day next month, he flip-flopped and agreed to back a plan to allow the highly successful charter program to cooperate in reforming Locke.

This is pretty signal. As a rule, when there is flip-flopping on this it’s because a pol flirts with education reform and then gets the talking to from the local/state/nat’l teachers’ union about “what a nice career you got here, shame if something happened to it…” Is the tide turning? Remember, in America, when consumers and producers fight, bet on the former, even if it takes a long time…

And, if that’s not enough, Atty Gen. Jerry Brown is getting engaged on the issue:

Brown says. He did not want to comment on the merits of the Green Dot case, but said he finds it unacceptable that more and more school districts statewide seem to be rejecting charters for political reasons.

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