Toughest Job…

Peace Corps is looking for volunteers who want to teach*:

* Primary Education Teacher Trainers aid elementary school teachers and occasionally provide classroom instruction. Applicants for this position should have some teaching experience, whether it is one semester of student teaching or years of full-time teaching.
* Secondary Education English volunteers teach conversational English (ESL) or content based-English in middle and high schools. Applicants range from recent college graduates to those with years of classroom experience.
* University English Teaching volunteers work with university students to enhance English language skills so they can use English academic and technical resources. Most applicants have full or part-time experience as graduate teaching assistants, substitute teachers, tutors, or student teachers.
* Secondary Education English Teacher Training volunteers work with new English and experienced English teachers, training student teachers at teachers’ colleges or providing in-service training to experienced teachers. Most applicants are university graduates with student teaching, graduate teaching assistant, or substitute teaching experience, or they have at least six months of teaching experience. Some are mid-career or retired teachers or mid-career professionals pursuing a career change to teaching.

*The Eduwife is a returned PCV (Kyrgyzstan), taught secondary school, and is a very enthusiastic booster.

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