Oh Please…

The NEA pays people to organize in places like Iowa so that candidates get asked a lot of questions about things like No Child Left Behind…it’s called UniServ. Then people like AFTie John jump up and down and say, look grassroots action! Spare us. This is to grassroots what Astroturf is to grass. Sadly though, regular readers know this isn’t our first encounter with AFTie John and the grass… He should stick to being a media critic. Update: AFTie John protests that the NEA Uniserv folks don’t really do much politics…no, seriously, he does. Update II: A reader close to the process writes, “show up at any of those forums and see the talking points people have, realize they’re all saying basically the same damn, often factually inaccurate, thing, and tell me that’s not organizing.” Nothing wrong with this, of course, it’s that old petition for grievances thing, but let’s at least be honest about what’s going on out there.

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