Off-Topic Sound Check

Slightly off topic but if Jason Zengerle can pimp Arcade Fire* on a TNR blog I guess I can hype an artist here now and then, too. If you’re into folk/roots music you don’t want to miss singer/songwriter Devon Sproule while she’s still playing small venues. In the next few months she’ll be all over the place promoting her new (third commercial, I think) album, Keep Your Silver Shined. Not available commercially for another month but you can hear the title track from Silver and some other stuff here. She’s better live, especially with a band behind her. Also here are some downloadable duets with Paul Curreri. See dates/venues on her website and check her out when she’s near you. *Mickey Kaus says they can’t live up to the hype but I’m not so sure, pretty hot. Then again, though I went to many shows when they were up and coming, I never thought Dave Mathews Band would make it commercially and never got Phish at all despite listening to a lot of jam bands…so what the hell do I know? Also, another great Canadian band, now being swamped by Arcade Fire, is Tragically Hip. They’re playing DC’s 9:30 Club on April 29 and on tour the next few months around the U.S.

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