More Scholarships, More Hope?

Washington Post ed board praises the new Gates D.C. college initiative and lays out the grim reality:

CONSIDER THE awful odds facing a D.C. student who goes to school east of the Anacostia River. The chance of graduating from high school is 1 in 3. And if the student somehow beats the odds and does graduate, the chance of earning a college degree is 1 in 20.

What’s the word for that? Oh right, it’s “indefensible.” That’s because, leave aside all the various debates about No Child or schools versus society, all else equal, schools can do better than that. And it’s not just D.C….

But about D.C., Sara Mead makes the obvious point and then makes another one. Depressing.

2 Replies to “More Scholarships, More Hope?”

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