Per this post below, some readers want to know why this morning’s WaPo story is really so important on the coalition politics. Here’s why: When No Child Left Behind was first passed conservatives like Tom DeLay, then the House Majority Whip, held their noses and voted for it anyway. Now, the current Republican House Minority Whip, Roy Blunt, is opposing the administration on this. That’s a big deal because it creates a lot of potential “no” votes on a credible reform package if George Miller can get one out of his committee. The Hoekstra bill itself is silly and unserious, but the politics behind it are deadly serious if you’re concerned about equity.

Also, several readers want to know, pace Kevin Drum, why the leafy suburbs shouldn’t be left alone. Check out the NAEP urban data, the racial achievement gap problem is not just the urban schools.

And, Kevin Carey notes that the great right-wing conspiracy against public schools is really falling apart…

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