Still Going…

Eric Alterman and Leo Casey are still battling it out. Joe Williams rounds it all up for you.


Casey: “Eric Alterman has published a surreal response to this post.

Alterman: “I’m sorry, but if the teachers’ unions are paying this guy to write crap like this, then things are worse over there than I imagined.”

Seriously though, this conclusion from Alterman is spot-on in terms of the larger politics here:

“…as I’ve written over and over, I see no possibility of a rejuvenation of progressive politics in this country that is not built on a foundation of a strong (and smart) labor movement. And yet somehow, I’m the enemy. (And this from a union that endorses people like George Pataki….) This kind of behavior is the stuff that turns liberals into neocons. I’m not going to let that happen, of course, but it won’t be because of this fellow’s want of trying.”

Amen. Sowing dragons’ teeth.

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