This Week’s New Home…Trouble Starts At Home?

After casting about for a host for his blog for some time, This Week’s Russo has apparently finally landed at Education Week and is one step closer to being a serious education journalist. It’s good for him, over time organizationally affiliated blogs seem to have more traction and a nice recognition of the hard work he puts into his blog.

But, apparently (they’re calling me for 411, sorry don’t have any! Call him!) most EdWeekers are completely in the dark on this new development having just learned about it last night and this A.M. through the rumor mill (guess they’re not regular This Week readers since it’s been up there for a couple of days…meet your new colleague!) and some are more than a little pissed off…they’ve wanted a blog for a while, but this wasn’t what they had in mind at all…And, seems someone made a decision and Russo went public without looping in the actual worker bees who are wondering when the powers that be are going to clue them in…so they’re pissed on content and form…stay tuned…

PS–Job seekers, apparently competence with Ed Week’s search engine is not a predicate for employment…no word on basic fact checking…so get those resumes in fast!

Update: A helpful reader writes to note that counting is not a required skill either, count the insiders…9?

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