Brand Problem, And Brand Promise

Couple of random teachers’ union thoughts:

First, you know you’ve got a brand problem when people like Eric Alterman are saying things like “I don’t like the teachers’ unions.”

Second, you keep hearing how no one in government listens to teachers, it’s a mantra. Yet ask any state or national pol whether they hear from teachers and they say, of course! Just about every day! They’re referring, of course, to union reps but still not a voiceless people…

And finally, the teachers’ unions do feel under attack, and not without some reason, but it is a little ironic to have the most powerful player on the field crying victim, no? It’s like the T-Rex grumbling about the salamanders.

Also, Andy Smarick writes-up last night’s screening/discussion of the UFT’s movie about their charter schools. Some of his critiques are fair but I think he’s far too down on its promise over time. And, at the risk of hurting Randi Weingarten among her brethren, I think what she did here is pretty bold and signal. Here are a few other ideas on new roles, too.

Update: Jenny D and her readers weigh-in on this, too.

Update II: Joe Williams jumps in, and makes an important point.

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