Where You Stand, Where You Sit?

In the LA Times, LAUSD School Board member Julie Korenstein says charter schools, “are still a gamble without really knowing what impact it is going to make on students. You have to start wondering if it’s a good idea to gamble with students’ education.”

By gum, that is a good thing to wonder about! But considering the grim outcomes for students in LA – 258 college graduates a year in South LA from schools serving 60K kids at a half-billion a year cost, charters, despite the variance, somehow don’t seem like such bad odds for parents…In fact, Steve Barr’s schools, Green Dot Public Schools, which the article is about, have much better numbers, a reasonable parent would be excused for taking that gamble and for thinking it’s a good idea! I believe gamblers, should there be any around, would call that a “positive expectation” situation…

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