New Motto? And Low Turnout…Also, Ed Trust Rides High And Ed Week Rounds-Up

I’m torn between two new mottos for the blog. Per the NCLB tip sheet, should I go with “where education and gambling meet,” or per the new Ed Week study (pdf) of influentials in education should I go with “The least influential of the most influential news sources?” And, of course, there is always the old standby, “Your source for education pig f***ing action.”

I’d ask you all to vote on it and decide, but turns out you’re not very good at that. If even half the people who read this blog daily would vote for it in the Bloggies, we’d be winning, since you can vote every day…ingrates.

Anyway, check out the Ed Week report, the methods are a little flimsy, but it’s interesting. Big winner is the Ed Trust, I’d say. And it’s well deserved.

And while you’re at Ed Week, Olson and Hoff turn in a must-read round-up on where things stand in the NCLB ideas primary.

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