Finn-O-Rama!!! And The 2006 Box Score!

The current issue of Education Week can only be described as an orgy of Chester Finn! There is a big splash profile and then no less than one, two, and in fact three articles about Fordham’s charter authorizing work in Ohio. It’s all Finn all-the-time! All that is missing is a pin-up. To be clear though, Usually Reliable Robelen’s work on Fordham in Ohio is well worth checking out.

But was it all Finn all the time in ’06? People wonder and speculate (and miscalculate) what organizations get a lot of ink in Ed Week. Well, for 2006, here are the best numbers I could come up with. It is a lot of Fordham (but not all Finn) but a lot of ink all around among the DC-based eduideas organizations. The chart shows the number of online or print articles various organizations were cited in during the year. (Click for a larger view).

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