Rorschach Redux — More True Than I Knew

As predicted, this morning’s NYT story has only served to reinforce previously held positions: Joanne Jacobs sensibly calls for richer curriculum, after school tutoring, and diagnostic testing, D-Ed Reckoning somehow criticizes me and the NYT for assuming that racial gaps are not immutably given by nature, and, in a rare moment of detente between AFTie One-L and Guestuwonk (Andy, don’t fire me!), Michele “pimps” Richard Elmore’s arguments for greater capacity. In an interesting twist, I’m at the GSE in part because I wanted to work with Elmore, so I’m sympathetic to Michele’s argument, but saying that capacity matters is not the same as knowing how to create it. More on this tomorrow.

— Posted by Guestblogger Jal Mehta

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