Events, The Acceptable Alternative To Work!

Why actually produce work, when you can go to events, see your friends and colleagues, eat someone else’s food, and all under the guise of doing your job? Here are two in the next two weeks for you to check out. First, tomorrow (28th), at the National Press Club, The Century Foundation is hosting a prebut session about race and integration in schools (pdf). With the SCOTUS set to hear arguments on two cases next month, now’s your chance to get up to speed. They’ve compiled a diverse group.

Next week, on Weds the 6th, the National Charter School Research Project at U of W is hosting a release event for this year’s issue of Hopes, Fears, and Reality (pdf). It’s at the Urban Institute from 11:30AM to 1:30PM. Should be a lively time, last year’s was. Disclosures all over the place on this one, I’m on the advisory board and co-wrote a chapter, but go anyway…

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