More Gender Bender…And Where’s The Bias When You Need It?

While noting bipartisanship in passing, the NYT runs the final single-sex school rules as a Bush Administration idea. You’d think The Times, of all papers, would point out that among other Democrats Senator Clinton (NY) has long supported public single-sex options at the elementary and secondary level and worked on the issue. Not as though she’s an obscure senator or has no local connection! Sure, the new regs are on the Bushies watch, but the tortured path of these regs predates this administration… Eduwonk flashbacks on this issue and Clinton backstory here and here. BTW: Wouldn’t it help not hurt Clinton for The Times to point this out? Shows she’s not the liberal caricature her critics make her out to be. Schemo, your party needs you!

Update: Over at TNR Conor Clarke offers a great walk-through of the issues.

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