More PhonicsGate…Petrilli Attacks!

Look for more news stories soon, who knew what/when kind of stuff. Secretary Spellings had better hope there is not a paper/email trail because the Houston Mafia is really pissed-off about all this. Mike Petrilli, who protests that he’s not a made man in that crowd, publishes his widely circulated op-ed at National Review putting it on the Secretary…he’d better have an email/paper trail because these are some serious charges:

As the president’s first-term domestic-policy adviser, she micromanaged the implementation of Reading First from her West Wing office. She put one of her most trusted friends inside the Department of Education to make sure Doherty and his colleagues didn’t go soft and allow just any reading program to receive funds. She was the leading cheerleader for an aggressive approach. And now she bobs and weaves: “Although these events occurred before I became secretary of education, I am concerned about these actions and committed to addressing and resolving them.” (Regrettably, much of the media bought this spin — hook, line, and sinker. See here, for instance.) Shame on Spellings for not backing a loyal, selfless, and truly capable lieutenant…

Since someone is saying something here that is falsifiable look for some press attention…

Update: Sen. Harkin attacks, too! And he likes Mike! This will get messy if it gets tied up in the appropriations process.

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