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A lot of readers want to know why I haven’t blogged about former Teachers College president Arthur Levine’s latest report on the quality of education schools (pdf). Well, first reason is that I’m buried, hence the light posting lately. Second, it’s a fine report but it’s hardly earth shattering, most people in and out of the field knew the punchline: There are a lot of problems with the ed schools and many are downright lousy! Not a shocker…

But hey, regulatory capture is a powerful thing so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon and besides there is not a great model just sitting out there to replace them. In our book on the issue Rick Hess, Kate Walsh, and I basically concluded that there are four models and that policymakers have some decisions to make to clear up today’s muddle.

For my money the most interesting part of the report is sort of inside baseball, it has a pretty scathing attack on NCATE. That’s a ball worth watching…Jenny D. has a lot more on the report here. Ed Week here.

Also, related and too often overlooked issue: Teachers earn more salary for completing additional degrees and coursework at these ed schools. No evidence linking any of this to effectiveness. So, just how much money could be used to raise teacher pay in a more efficacious way but is instead currently sunk in this system?

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