Your Bloggy Map To Class And Schools

Last week NYT’s Schemo pinch hit for the On Education column and her channeling of Richard Rothstein — who used to write the column — caused a blogospheric eruption, much of which is well worth reading: D-Ed Reckoning’s Rosa here and here, Q & E’s Kevin Carey here, AFTie Ed here, This Week’s Russo here, Chalkboard’s Williams here, School of Blog’s Julie here, and Edspresso’s Boots here. My short take on the larger issue here (along with a smart take from CCCR’s Piche).

Update: NYC Schools Chief Joel Klein weighs in via the NYT letters page:

…Ms. Schemo quotes experts saying that schools “can’t do much better” until we reduce poverty. But this is what we know: Schools will never do better as long as that attitude prevails. Great educators succeed in no small part because they take responsibility, expecting high achievement from their students and from themselves…

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