More There’s Always An Eduangle

As I was just saying…In this case, among other things, Kitty Kelly’s TNR take* on Duke Cunningham’s wife notes that she had a seemingly wired six figure job at the Department of Education…

After Duke began his felonious flight into the high life in 2000, he asked Nancy to join him in Washington. “Mr. Cunningham said he wanted me to be with him more to socialize with lobbyists and defense contractors,” she said, adding that the girls were finally grown and graduated from college. In 2002, Nancy was appointed acting chief of staff to the assistant secretary of management in the Department of Education. She denied knowing then that her husband was on the education subcommittee, which approved the budget for her salary, but she did admit, “It was a political appointment, pure and simple. … I had the prettiest office you’ve ever seen.” Her salary was $114,200, more than she had ever made in the public school system.

*Yes, you read that right.

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