Mmm. Science.

Huzzah! This New York Times article reports that Kansas voters just knocked out the School Board members who supported the teaching of intelligent design in Kansas schools. See, I can have some respect for creationism, because it’s part of a religious belief system, and no one tries to argue differently. On the other hand, intelligent design, the theory that the complexity of living beings proves the existence of a ‘guiding hand’ in evolution, passes itself off as a scientific theory. The problem is that intelligent design has no hypotheses that can be proven or disproven and, therefore, is not science and should not be taught in a science classroom alongside legitimate scientific theories. Certainly evolutionary theory has its problems, primary among them being the lack of a coherent fossil record. But just because we don’t understand everything about evolution and how it happened doesn’t mean it should be scrapped! I’m glad people are finally standing up to this political hijacking of knowledge. Kudos to Kansas!

–Guest blogger Newoldschoolteacher
P.S. This blogging thing is hard! Big ups to Eduwonk for doing it every day!

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