"Do PTAs Matter?"

I want to use today’s post to ask all you eduwonkers a serious question. Do PTA’s matter? I know they matter at local schools where parents rally around a school. I mean, do they matter in a systematic change kind of way. Can any real change happen in this country without a pure, loud, parent revolt? In my experience building charter high schools in the highest need areas in Los Angeles where dropout rates can hit 70%, I can’t find a PTA. These are areas where generations have dropped out. In Los Angeles the PTA seems to be against everything. Is it that way across the country? Is it the way they are funded? Do they attract the same people who use to dominate student government? In response to this we bring you the Los Angeles Parents Union. Check it out: www.smallschools.org and email me your thoughts on PTAs at stevebarr@greendot.org.

Guestblogger: Steve Barr

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