Solidarity! (And Cash…)

Uh oh…well, we’ll see how all that pro-union rhetoric plays now…Steve Barr has founded a parents union to demand some changes in the LA public schools. Months ago I mentioned that Steve is no rank amateur when it comes to organizing, believe me now? To be perfectly blunt he’s kicking their asses out there (and privately the powers that be admit it…). For my money I still think deploying the Piscalnator is a more cost-effective way to accomplish the same thing, less than$500 as I score it, but regardless change is coming.

Also, seems the teachers’ union in LA is spreading money around on the street and it’s closely correlated with support for their agenda from all these “community groups.” A lot of that seemingly going on…

LA Daily News weighs-in here and Susan Estrich says Barr is no Coulter!

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