More National Board…Is The Bulldog Stirring?

There is another study on National Board certified teachers floating around (pdf). Ed Knows Policy reviews it here, NCTQ* reviews it here. And this time the National Board reviews it in full, posts it on their site, and is otherwise transparent about it here

Just kidding about that last part! Apparently the National Board learned little from L’affaire Sanders where they took a beating in the press for not being open about a study by Bill Sanders of national board certified teachers. And again the new study isn’t even completely damning (though for my money the reality is somewhere between the NCTQ condemnation and Ed Knows Policy’s “nothing to see here” deconstruction) but is going to become seen that way because of the board’s posture…I should note that the Nat’l Board has redone their website and the research section is more confusing than it used to be and doesn’t show ongoing studies, only completed ones. But I might be missing something and perhaps this study is up somewhere on their site, if it is please send a link ASAP! All I can find is the overview. *Disc — I’m on the Board of Directors.

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