More Cash Controversy

Joe Williams weighs-in about the controversy over his recent ES report about the money the NEA is spreading around to undermine NCLB. Worth reading. The NEA is now peddling a ridiculous myths-facts sheet around the Hill which seeks to debunk claims the report didn’t even make in the first place and falsely notes that there are no public sector employees on Education Sector’s board of directors (in fact there are two currently practicing educators, including a former building rep for his teachers’ union, and three members who hold official public sector roles — maybe it is good that the NEA outsources its “research!”).

But more to the point, no institution is above examination and it’s ludicrous to suggest that questioning the activities of a teachers’ union makes one “anti-union.” Besides, in this case the report didn’t even insinuate any wrongdoing (and went out of its way to make sure no one else could use it to make that claim) merely a lack of transparency around an important educational debate. All the hullabaloo has more to do with concern about the curtain being pulled back than any grand principles. Best thing to do: Read it for yourself and decide.

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